Elite Membership – Triathlon


one-on-one triathlon coaching



If you are interested in one-on-one coaching to get to your first or fastest triathlon, this package is for you. Workouts will include a calendar in TrainingPeaks with workouts that include Discipline + Time + Effort + Support. Some workouts on Rate of Perceived Exertion and Cycling workouts based on wattage, if you have a power meter. Running paces based on 10k TT. Swim workouts based on 100 yard pace.

This plan includes:
-Strength Training focusing on workouts to specifically improve form and endurance
-Free TrainingPeaks account (if you don’t already have one)
-Weekly or bi-weekly workouts added to TP
-At least 2 workouts in each discipline. Some blocks will be heavier on one discipline.
-Phone calls, text messages, TP Notes

Payments will be made virtually. Subscriptions will expire on the 30th day after the last payment.


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