Getting Started – Equipment

Contrary to what seasoned triathlete think, the sport of triathlon doesn’t require a ton of equipment to start out with. You need something to wear, something to ride (and a helmet, of course), and something to run in. Let’s take a look at what equipment you really need when you’re getting started in triathlon.

Something to wear. Your local bike shop or running retailer will have something that you can do your first, short triathlon in. It’s nice to have some padding, but you don’t need a big chamois like bike shorts have. You need something that won’t cause a lot of drag in the water or on the bike and that’s really it!

Something to ride. All but two of my triathlons were on a road bike: from a sprint to a full Ironman. It doesn’t take anything fancy to start out with; the engine is more important than the bike. You are the thing that needs to be dialed in.

Something to run in. Running shoes are important, but they don’t have to be fancy. You don’t have to spend $200+ on the newest racing flats with a springy carbon plate. Starting out is just that: testing the waters to see if you like the thing.

Many athletes have jumped in with both feet and bought the newest tri-bike and racing flats alongside a speed suit and magic goggles only to have listed them on a local deal site because the sport just wasn’t for them. In swimming, biking, and running, you really can start with the basic equipment and go from there when you’re getting started in triathlon. If you’re interested in coaching, take a look at our coaching services.

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